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„Like sounds from a different world“ (NDR Kultur 2011)

„You could also say, this is a revolution.“ (ZDF-Aspekte 2010)

„The best hand-drummer worldwide …“ (ORF 2011)

„Watching the unbelievably virtuos soloist, one could get the impression he does not have two but at least six hands.“ (ARTE 2010)

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi live @ ARTE Lounge:

***Highlights:LIVE: WOMEX-Showcase 2011, Roskilde Festival, Philharmonie Berlin, 5 Continents – Martigny , MASALAWorld-Beat Festival, Rio Loco – Toulouse, MorgenlandfestivalMEDIA: ARTE TV, BBC, Voice of America, ZDF Aspekte, ORF ***

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi’s percussion solo performances by far exceed the idea of what to expect from a percussion concert.Playing traditional Persian handdrums (Tonbak & Daf) in his own uniqiue way, he crafts a network of danceable rhythms, uptempo beats and trance-like textures with great virtuosity. Melodies and polyphponies entwine one another in seemingly endless rhythmic variations, creating truly hypnotic worlds of sound. Mortazavi‘s amazing musical range stretches all the way from soft and slow toswift, dynamic and diverse.As a solo artist Mohammad Reza Mortazavi produces sounds of orchestral proportions merely by the dexterity of his two hands. His playing technique coupled with the broad spectrum of overtones allow for the simultaneous playing of polyrhythmic beats, sophisticated melodies, and polyphonic compositions.Starting at age nine, the Persian musician and composer has come a long way from winning Tonbak competitions in his home country to concerts, productions and great success the world over. From playing big festivals like Roskilde in front of thousands of dancing people, to concerts in the BerlinerPhilharmonie as well as dance/theater productions all over the world – audiences, critics and the media agree:

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi is a truly unique live experience!

New Album: Release April 2013! Releasetour April/Mai 2013! Open for bookings all year 2013!

Titel |GERADEAUS Interpret | Mohammad Reza Mortazavi Best.-Nr. | FF 0031 Vertrieb | Broken Silence VÖ | 11.11.11
Titel |Live At The Berlin Philharmonie Interpret | Mohammad Reza Mortazavi Best.-Nr. | FF 0024 Vertrieb | Broken Silence VÖ | 12.11.2010
Titel | Green Hands Interpret | Mohammad Reza Mortazavi Best.-Nr. | FF 0019 Vertrieb | Broken Silence VÖ | Mai 2010

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