„Rodrigo Santa Maria‘s jazz inspired poetic Latin chambermusic is accompied by the wonderful flugelhorn player Alan Sommer, the double-bass player Marco Chacón and the percussionist Luis Barrueto. Exuding Brazilian laid-backness, Rodrigo‘s soft voice is of timeless beauty.“ (Nürnberger Nachrichten)

Rodrigo Santa Maria y El Paquete Chileno – Élitro:

Rodrigo Santa Maria y el Paquete Chileno – bossa chilena

On his current album „È litro“ the Chilean musician and composer Rodrigo Santa Maria presents eleven new compositions and arrangements with his band „El Paquete Chileno“.

His music is deeply rooted in Latin-America, reflecting its entire range and fusing different traditions – from Braszilian Bossa Nova, Chacarera and Argentinean Zamba of the eastcoast, over Peruvean Lando, the rhythms of the high plains to the Chilean folklore of the westcoast.Aside from fusing the many different Latin-American traditions, his style stands out mainly because it skillfully blends classic-modern music, one of Rodrigo‘s foci during his music studies in Chile.His guitar technique is modern, virtuoso and very laid-back. His songs are a reminiscence of Bossa Nova, invoked by the contrast of harmonic complexity, coupled with traditional elements and Rodrigo‘s style of singing. A rhythm-infused style that can best be described as „Bossa Chilena“.Featuring double-bass, trunpet and percussion, El Paquete Chileno are the ideal lineup for Rodrigo‘s toned down arrangements. Alan Sommer‘s unobtrusive trumpet soli perfectly blend into Rodrigo Santa Maria‘s songs in perfect harmony.

Rodrigo Santa Maria y El Paquete Chileno are available for booking throughout 2013. Also availbaleas trio without drums for smaller events

Titel | Élitro Interpret | Rodrigo Santa Maria Best.-Nr. | FF 0039 Vertrieb | Broken Silence VÖ | 31.08.2012

Rodrigo Santa Maria y El Paquete Chileno:

Rodrigo Santa Maria (Vocals, Gitarre)

Luis Barrueto (Percussion)

Alan Sommer (Trompete)

Marco Chacón (Kontrabass)

CD “Élitro” VÖ 31.08.2012:

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