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Sedaa @ MASALA Welt-Beat Festival:

Sedaa’s new album “New Ways” is going to be released on 26th of october 2012 on flowfish.records!

The meaning of the Persian word „Sedaa“ is „voice“, merging the archaic sounds of traditional Mongolian music with oriental harmonies and rhythms in a truly unique way into one fascinating entity.The current album „New Ways“ (the band‘s third solo album) is the product of many years of performing and touring together as a band, playing several hundred concerts all over Europe. Sedaa has since evolved into a seasoned and confident quartet, honing their virtuosity in the various instrumental and vocal traditions.

„New Ways“ skillfully expands traditional sounds with danceable rhythms. They are supported by Stephan Emig (drummer for Till Brönner and Christina Lux).Trained in Mongolia, the mastersingers Nasaa Nasanjargal (performed on the OST of „The Story Of The Weeping Camel“), Naraa Naranbaatar, dulcimer virtuoso Ganzorig Davaakhuu alongside the persian multi-instrumentalist Omid Bahadori and Stephan Emig take you away into an exotic world between the orient and the Mongolian steppe.Sounds of nature are the foundation upon which they build their modern compositions, using traditional instruments and ancient vocal techniques of their nomadic ancestors, which allow to produce several sounds at a time. The vocal fry register paired with throat-singing (höömii) on top of the wistful sounds of the Morin Khuur and pulsating drum rhythms all melt into one mystic soundcarpet, made to both dance and float to.

NEW ALbum „New Ways“ – Release Oktober 2013!

Sedaa is available for booking all over Europe throughout 2013, as quartet or quintet with drumkit.

Titel | New Ways Interpret | Sedaa Best.-Nr. | FF 0035 Vertrieb | Broken Silence VÖ | 26.10.2012

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