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The Taal Tantra Experience

An exhilarating mix of East meets West“ (borderland.co.uk)

„Of course there are dozens of other groups who mix Indian roots with modern music, jazz, rock and so on. But this Taal Tantra Experience is doing a great job with exciting combinations in a beautiful atmosphere of sounds.“ (Folkworld)

live @ Elbjazz Festival – Hamburg


Music between Kalkutta and Kreuzberg, intricate rhythms, groovy beats, jazzy harmonies and catchy melodies. Fusion from Raga to Rio. The indian tabla virtuoso Tanmoy Bose (touring the world alongside Ravi & Anoushka Shankar) meets the Berlin jazzscene. The Taal Experience is a born fusionproject.

While Pandit Ravi Shankar went back to his hotel to unwind after a successful concert on the Museumsinsel Berlin, one of his tablaplayers, Tanmoy Bose, decided to check out the Berlin clubscene.

Destiny took its course, when Tanmoy ran into four truly exceptional musicians, all deeply rooted in the Berlin jazzscene.Five months later the group met again – this time in India. Without much further ado, Tanmoy had invited them to play with his „Taal Tantra“ project, which had consisted of a entirely Indian line-up to this point. And from this highly charged gathering the cross-border Taal Tantra Experience was born. „A meditation on rhythm“ – a rough translation of the meaning behind Taal Tantra, combining both Indian classical music with European jazz.Meanwhile the group has played two succesful tours in India and numerous concerts in Europe. Their first encounter has long since evolved into a full-fledged friendship.The group released their first CD „Taal Tantra“ in India in 2005. In late 2010 the band‘s current album „The Sixth Sense“ (through Ozella Music) hit the shelves. The Taal Tantra Experience is available for booking throughout 2013 in Europe. According to prior agreement also available with the slideguitar virtuoso Debashish Battacharya, the West- Bengalian baul singer Baus Dev or rhe bansuri master Ravichandra Kulur.

“The Taal Tantra Experience” are:

Tanmoy Bose: tablas, percussion and vocalsAndreas weiser: percussion, vocalsMax Hughes: BassBernhard Ullrich: saxophonesKai Brückner: guitars

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