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Faela | Latin Balkan Animals | Argentina, Bosnia, Chile, Sweden

“The steaming room was jumping with delirious dancers who so clearly enjoyed the band’s riotous mix of Balkan and Latin beats, with heavy doses of funky skareggae bass lines and jazz horns. All the introspective aspects of Nordic folk music seemed to vanish with this thumping band who thought nothing of all collapsing on the floor as they continued to play their instruments, only to hop back up, while urging the crowds to sing along and wave in unison. Their concert lasted a solid hour and although it was late, no one was tired. The band is destined to gain fans on the international world music festival circuit.” (National Geografic)

*** Highlights: Montreux Jazz Festival, Fusion, Folkelarm Finale, MASALA Welt-Beat, Bardentreffen, Buskers Bern, Pflasterspektakel, Blue Balls Festival, Bascherdeis Festival … ***

They have made their way from Argentina, Bosnia, Chile and Sweden to Sweden‘s liberal creative stronghold Malmö, with one goal in mind: to take the world by storm. Working as acrobats and musicians, they are running their own circus music venue from which they journey out into the world.

FAELA! have been touring Europe for years, winning many a heart and award alike. Since then, they have long made it to the big stage of festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival or Fusion.Whether streetcorner concerts or the big stage, they have the gift to turn the party out! Their Sweden-Festa is a highly infectious dance epidemic, truly contagious to any audience evoking frequently occuring symptoms such as compulsion to dance and instant happyness. Love of performing, latin-rhythms, Balkan-melodies, reggae-beats, flamenco, rock‘n‘roll and swing – all wrapped into one big chunk of feel good music!

They are telling tales of special people in special places in Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, English and a specially coined mumbo-jumbo called „Mowish“. The band‘s name is short for Raffaela, one of Hugos beloved aunts, who made such a profound impression on anybody who ever met her, naming the band FAELA! in her honor was both natural and logic.

*** Open for booking all year 2015 ***

cover-conmigo-1200rgb Titel | Conmigo
Interpret | FAELA!
Best.-Nr. | FF 0045
Vertrieb | Broken Silence
VÖ | March 2013

Titel | Camina
Interpret | FAELA!
Best.-Nr. | FF 0030
Vertrieb | Broken Silence
VÖ | Oktober 2011

Titel | FAELA!
Interpret | FAELA!
Best.-Nr. | FF 0027
Vertrieb | Broken Silence
VÖ | Mai 2011