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Badi Assad | Exploratory Acoustic Jazz World | Brazil

“Badi Assad redefines solo performance! Revelatory, a brilliant display of innovation, imagination, and skill… almost hypnotically compelling!”
(Los Angeles Times)

Badi Assad‘s music is enchanting audiences worldwide, with a truly unique fusion of brazilian tradition, jazz, classical music, pop and avantgarde. She seamlessly adds new ideas and techniques to her compositions, challenging her audience and creating fresh and innovative sounds. Nevertheless, Badi Assad is balm for the soul.

The Badi Assad DVD, released at flowfish records, gives a sharp insight to the various facets of this unique artist and making it possible to experience her radiant and fascinating aura. She plays the guitar, while singing, doing mouth and amp, bodypercussion and dancing at the same time with so much virtuosity and ease, that it is hard to imagine a single artist‘s performance, when you just hear it.

Coming from an equally successful family of musicians, Badi Assad is quite certainly one of the most striking musicians of Brazil which not at least led the magazine “Guitar Player” to vote her for one of the world’s best musicians.

Summer 2015 *** Badi Assad OPEN FOR BOOKING ***

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