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Mariana Sadowska & Christian Thomé Mariana Sadovska & Christian Thomé
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Mariana Sadovska & Christian Thomé| Experimental, Folk, Jazz, World| Ukraine, Germany

“One thoroughly worldly individualist was Mariana Sadovska, a Ukrainian
musician based in Germany. She wrung startling drama from traditionalist songs
turned contemporary in a set that spanned folklore, humor, grief and rage. Her
voice holds the clarity and bite of Slavic folk styles; her stage presence has the
bright-eyed intensity of Björk or PJ Harvey.”
(New York Times – Jan 2016)


VESNA.SPRING is the debut album of Mariana Sadovska‘s newest project, in which she is forming a duo with Christian Thomé – drummer, composer and producer.
Despite the fact they are from different worlds, they were joined by an implicit musical understanding.
This understanding is mainly rooted in the duo‘s sense of freedom and eagerness to experiment. Ukrainian melodies and tradition are blended with vocal and sonic experiments, intricate rhythms, refined beats and unconventional arrangements. No genre-boundaries, always on the quest for freedom and identity.
Both musicians embark on a personal exploration, equipped with two of the world‘s oldest instruments: voice and drum. They are on a quest for the essence of their mutual passing of borders. All the while enriching their respective sonic voices, giving expression to their east/west encounter. Nearly forgotten, ancient, shamanic and current urban variations of their instruments compliment each other organically. Tromp, Indian harmonium, zither, sampler, laptop and further electronic equipment.
VESNA.SPRING is an album that demands attention. A long way from lounge- and elevator music. Yet still hopeful sounds abound. But no happy ending. A musical east/west roadmovie, certain that spring awaits after every dark and cold winter – always!

The foundation for the album was laid way before the turmoil and chaos of the Maidan Square. Their program however was becoming increasingly explosive, after the musicians performed in Kiev on December 4 in 2013: Mariana Sadovska‘s song „Oi Plyve Kacha“ become a requiem for those shot on the Maidan Square and eventually an elegy for all victims of the war.

„In times long gone, people believed there were songs to call upon spring or keep away rain clouds. Today I wish to had this power onstage. To stop the dark clouds of this absurd war, to call upon and conjure love. The love, that „bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.““ (Marina Sadovska & words from Corinthians)

The delayed release of the album is due to Mariana Sadovka‘s commitment in the Ukraine. Countless journeys, performances and campaigns led her to support friends, freedom and culture in the Ukraine. Back then VESNA.SPRING was already performing throughout Poland, the US, England and the Ukraine. In January 2016 they will be performing at Globalfest in New York.

Originally Mariana Sadovska‘s plans for the new project didn‘t include singing any more traditional Ukrainian songs. She was determined to get rid of the label „ethno singer“ (which had never never fit her anyway). But then she brought the track „Korabel“ (ship) to the second rehearsal, a sailor song, that had captivated her for some time. Christian Thomé listened to Marianas rendition. He immediately found the right „answers“ within the arrangements. By means of state of the art audio engineering and electroacoustics the duo was able to dive even deeper into the songs. Penetrating all the way to the core and expose the music‘s origin. They were trying to discover the archetypical element, which is free from all national or linguistic barriers. This way, not only did they restore the songs and exotically revive them, but they were giving them a new life of their own. Allowing them to communicate, ask questions and talk. Free from any limitations or labels.

*** RELEASE of VESNA/SPRING: March 4 – 2016 ***

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