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Mil Santos | Spiritual Salsa | Columbia, Germany/Berlin

Berlin-based exile Colombian MIL SANTOS returns to his musical roots. His new album „El día“ showcases the essence of his music: a unique voice, vibrant melodies and highly poetic lyrics. „El día“ shows once more the profound influence of his hometown Cali – the salsa-stronghold of Colombia. The production boasts classical instrumentation throughout, featu- ring trombone, trumpet, drums, piano, bass and a choir. MIL SANTOS adds his typical guitar playing and percussive Guaracha to the mix.

For the songs on „El día“ MIL SANTOS borrows from New York‘s 70‘s salsa sound. That raw sound created by a revolting generation of immigrants, whose music defies bourgeouis culture and daily grind. The sound of those opposing the cold, urban reality of life with poetry. Just like the trusty old salsa, „El día“ features energetic dance music, that opposes the sadness and frivolty of every day life. This is where MIL SANTOS reveals his innermost world, driven by his longing for his home and his life in Berlin.

The name MIL SANTOS means „thousand saints“. And it‘s those saints, that seem to protect him on his journeys between the cultures.
The spirituality playfully transcends into the songs on his new album, blending with laconic de- meanor and everyday philosophy.

In the past years MIL SANTOS has seen a lot. His experiences have made their way into the new songs. MIL SANTOS‘ unbroken energy makes an impression, wherever he goes: in Germany suppor- ting Culcha Candela on their 2009 tour. In Medellín while engaging in social projects with a seven- piece band. In Bogotá in front of 45.000 people, who were singing his song „Llegó el día llegó“ in hopes of peace and change, or on the big stages around the world like the one at Haus der Kulturen der Welt.

*** NEW ALBUM RELEASE 1 of April 2016 on flowfish.records ***

El Dia - Mil Santos Titel | EL DIA
Interpret | Mil Santos
Best.-Nr. | FF 00
Vertrieb | Broken Silence Independent Distribution
VÖ | April 2016