about us

flowfish music is a young independent musicagency specialised in the following fields:

Label | Booking | Management | Publishing | Production | Events

Founded in 2004, flowfish music started working purely as a label. In the following years the activities considering the production and marketing of music were widely expanded. Since 2008 there is an office in Berlin in addition to the office in Hildesheim

The two founders of the label and the chiefs of executives Sören Haag and Basti Hofmann each are responsable for different artistic fields. Basti Hofmann is in charge of the fields of WORLD MUSIC and JAZZ whereas Sören Haag’s responsibility is the GERMANSPEAKING artists. We are happy to announce to work with a new collegue on board – Anne Stolz, who works in the field of booking&promotion.

Concerning the distribution of the publications of CDs BROKENSILENCE in Hamburg is in charge.