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Emersound | Brazilian Grooves meet Latin Reggae | Brazil, Mexiko, Germany

The essence of Samba, Rap, Maracatú, Afro-Beat, Pop, Funk and Reggae – this is EMERSOUND, created by the charismatic brasilian singer Emerson Araújo. He started his career as percussionist at the Samba school “Vai Vai”, the multiple winner of the Sao Paulo carnival. Though his music is rooted in Samba, it is quite individual and full of “suingue”, similar to that of Jorge Benjor. Araújo combines the traditional rhythms with modern Hip Hop and other Hispanic music styles and creates his EMERSOUND, a very special, urban and extremely energetic fusion of Samba, Reggae, Rap and Funk – music to drum up enthusiasm with his audience.
Emerson Araujo has had two succesful careers in Brazil and Chile already. Now he finally relocated to Berlin for good, ready to take Europe with his band Emersound by storm.

He has been performing in a number of different projects, and is currently part of Peter Fox‘ drumlineschool BÄM, among others.
Brought up in Sao Paulo, with roots in Colombia, Emerson Araujo has alwas played music that transcended musical genres. After arriving in Berlin and learning German, Emerson experimented with German lyrics as well. On his new album however, he returned to his native tongue. Still, there will be bonus tracks entirely in German.

Emersound‘s new album „Musica Propria“ will be released in April 2016 via flowfish.records. Alongside Emersound the album features many friends and companions of Emerson‘s. Among them Ajani McDowell, Chancho en Piedra, Hector Coco Barez (Calle 13), Victor Vagh and Daveman.

Marking the launch of the cooperation with flowfish.music, Emersound‘s albums „Mi Raza“ and „Live en Santiago de Chile“ were released across Europe for the first time, in November 2015.

The highlight, of course, is to experience the irresistible EMERSOUND grooves live in a concert. It is a rhythm full of verve that carries off everybody, a modern music eluding all Samba clichés.

*** April 2016: New Album “MUSICA PROPRIA” on flowfish.records ***

*** Open for bookings***