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Ana Tijoux | Hip Hop – Global Rap | Chile

»Rapping in Spanish with precise enunciation, unerring rhythm, and tremendous flow, with a melodic sense that connects her rapping to her singing, the French/Chilean MC Ana Tijoux is nothing less than a Latin American Lauryn Hill.« Rolling Stone

New York Times calls her the southamerican answer to lauryn hill: Ana Tijoux from Chile, since years one of the most succesful international MCs, breaking the genre-rules, reaching an audience of all languages, backrounds and generations.

A superstar in chile by now, with internationally award-winning albums. Already her first album “1977” went on top of the billboard-charts, amazon and itunes. The song “1977” was featured in the series “Breaking Bad” and appeared on the soundtrack.

But the beats, samples and sounds of their latest album ‘Vengo’ have their roots in the music of their home country, continuing in the footsteps of such legends of the Chilean political music scene as Violeta Parra and Víctor Jara, only this time reloaded, resulting the finest Global Rap ever.

*** 24.06.2016: NEW ALBUM “VENGO” ON flowfish.records ***

Titel | VENGO
Interpret | Ana Tijoux
Best.-Nr. | FF 00xx
Vertrieb | Broken Silence
VÖ | June 2016