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Systema Solar | Latin Elektro Fusion | Colombia

“Systema Solar is a heady mix of every Afrocarribean Rhythm imaginable, from Cumbia to Bullerengue by way of Champeta, topped off with Rap and Turntablism, Hip-Hop and electro Beats – made to cook you up, definitely!” HKW

Latin Elektro Fusion pioneers Systema Solar hail from North Colombia. This band of audiovisual artists see themselves as continuing in the traditions of the Pikós (the Colombian version of Jamaican sound systems), who with their lavishly decorated vehicles and gear have been touring the Caribbean for decades, bringing joy and dancing to the remotest villages. Since conquering Latin America in 2011 with their debut album, Systema Solar have been successfully touring Europe and bringing the revamped version of the Pikós to the biggest music festivals.

They reinvent Cumbia, Fadango, Champeta, Bullerengue and other traditional music styles of their homeland and bring various rhythms and global urban cultures such as HipHop, House, Breakbeats and Scratching into the mix. Systema Solar have their origins in the subculture and to this day remain closely bound with various social and green movements in Columbia.

Systema Solar have named the whole experience of free sound creation and development of their very own audiovisual world ‚Berbenautica‘. Through their music they invoke a state of happiness in which they then immerse themselves akin to astronauts, and bring the spirit and flow of ‚Verbenas‘ (the Caribbean summer festivity) into the world. Staying true to the motto „La Vida es un Carneval“ their third and latest album „Rumbo a Tierra“ is a celebration of life. It’s a rite of pleasure that urges you to enjoy and celebrate the present moment, ideally by dancing.

*** 15.07.2016: NEW ALBUM “RUMBO A TIERRA” ON flowfish.records ***

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