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Kali Mutsa | Latin Gypsy Banghra Beats | Chile

“Clashes the spirit of Bollywood with Andean and Eastern European sounds over an electronic backbeat.” (Austin Chronicle)

“Gradually taking over Latin America and the world.” (Indie Electro New Wave)

„ I sing the dream of Tupac Amaru … the dream of a land where there are no slaves and no one is belittled, where we can speak all languages, where we can speak with animals, and where nature and tradition are expressed with total madness and creativity „ – Kali Mutsa

Like Venus rising from the waves, the cat-eyed whirlwind of a woman rose from the magical earth and rarified air of myth-filled Chilean valley nearly a century ago. Daughter of Roma wanderers, protégée of the last remnants of the Incan aristocracy, holder of a secret dream, she gyrated across silver screens and dusty stages, chanting freedom and seduction with a polychrome wink. They called her „Kali Mutsa“ and she sang the revolution.

Now after decades in mysterious seclusion, the ancient legend and Dayglo-hot maven has returned with unrelenting beats, brilliant Bollywood flourishes, and wry instinct for the perfect pastiche.
Whispering in your ear in Romany, dancing to glitchy electronics and booming tubas, Kali turns a hundred years of Chilean history into dancefloor-riffling songs with a sensual twist that make other pop divas pale in comparison.

Kali Mutsa – First European Tour

26.06.2014 FUSION Festival, Lärz | Tilburg
28.06.2014 Mundial Festival, Tilburg | Netherlands
29.06.2014 Ottertrotter Festival, Mechelen | Belgium
02.07.2014 Badehaus, Berlin | Germany
04.07.2014 TFF Rudolstadt, Rudolstadt | Germany
06.07.2014 Amsterdam Roots Festival, Amsterdam | Netherlands
16.07.2014 Sommerfestival derKulturen, Stuttgart | Germany
17.07.2014 Hafenklang Hamburg | Germany
18.07.2014 MASALA Festival | Germany

Titel | Souvenance
Interpret | Kali Mutsa
Best.-Nr. | FF 0057
Vertrieb | Broken Silence
VÖ | June 2014