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Los de Abajo | Tropipunk | Ciudad de México

The self-designated first „Salsa-Punk-Band“ was discovered by former Talking Head member David Byrne 20 years ago and released their first albums on his label Luaka Bob.
In 2003 they won the BBC world music award – the rest is history. For more than two decades they have been constantly playing festivals the world over and have since become a household name in the world music genre. All the while their music has constantly been evolving. On their past album „Actitud Calle“ they began breaking away from Tropi-Punk, while including HipHop and modern soundscapes into their compositions.

After several years’ hiatus Los De Abajo have finally returned from the studio with their latest album „Mariachi Beat“ and a new focus . The band intensively studied mexican musical traditions, asking themselves: what is mexican? Their musical answer is Mariachi Beat, showcasing native rhythms and melodies throughout and also including traditional instruments such as Jaranas or using a donkey jaw as a percussive instrument. All those elements are skillfully entangeled in a mix of typical Los De Abajo rhythms like Salsa or Merengue, HipHop and Funkbeats.
The spare use of skillfully engineered electronic samples makes for the album’s current sound, a absorbing the many traditional rhythms and melodies.
It wouldn’t be a Los De Abajo Album if it wasn’t for their renowned rhythm section, Turbopower brass section and songstress Tanja Melo, all lending their unique character to the band’s sound.
Their newest addition is a violinist, expressing himself harmoniously on a variety of songs, also playing a vital part on the acoustic piece „Mujer Guerrera“ alongside Tanja Melo.

This album is more than a musical statement. Also politically Los De Abajo are as active as ever. Their examination of mexican traditions and identity is a clear positioning against the increasing cultural globalisation. It is also the response to a tendency within mexican society to forget about one’s own heritage. Los de Abajo is no band to mince matters. They are raising their voices against global economisation, the ever-growing gap between rich and poor and further social injustice.
The band never left any doubt about their political dedication and has remained true to their name. They deliberately named themselves after a classic piece of mexican revolutionary literature: Los De Abajo by Mariano Azuela.
Los De Abajo’s political protest is wrapped into an exciting, cheerful and truly unique soundscape which is mexican by design.

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Titel | Mariachi Beat
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