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Che Sudaka | Mestizo – Cumbia Ska Punk | Argentina, Columbia

“Che Sudaka are the caviar on my toast, the olive in my martini and the tequila in my sunrise. Scintillating stuff!”
Mark Foggo

“A band of renegades that can really drive a crowd wild. They tore up the Carnival Star and Moonshine stage on the slopes of Mount Fuji. Perfect for any festival.”
Jason Mayall (Smash)

“Che Sudaka deliver a fierce punk reggae Barça Latino groove, a delicious radioactive musical soup that will make you move, make your hair fall out and rearrange your soul. PS: Did someone electrocute the drummer like in Spinal Tap?”
Peter Culshaw (music journalist, author of “Clandestino – In Search of Manu Chao”)

Formed in 2002 at the Mediterranian seaport Barcelona, Che Sudaka today are known as a flagship group of Mestizo Music around the globe: wherever the two Argentinean brothers Leo and Kachafaz and their two Colombian comrades Cheko and Jota appear, their fusion of Cumbia, Ska and Punk guarantees fiesta. Their expressive sociocritical lyrics pull down any ideological or physical frontier and defend human coexistence against political and media division: a coherent speech that makes them stand out from the crowd. Che Sudaka have become the figurehead both of an attitude towards life and of a counterculture, the living link of a planetary family.

The formerly illegal immigrants on the streets of Barcelona were invited to festivals in forty countries and by now have played at around one and a half thousand concerts all over the world. Their musical roots are to be found in South American popular culture and in legendary bands like The Clash, Mano Negra and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. Overflowing energy on stage is their trademark, an overwhelming presence, that both incite the audience to dance and to think: celebrating together, reaming together, living showing solidarity! However the band keeps resisting being used for political items, finding their place close to worldwide social grassroots movements, which fight for an improvement of human life conditions and for more influence on political decisions: Power to the people!

*** January 2015: New Album “HOY” in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France on flowfish.records ***

*** Open for bookings summer 2015 ***

Titel | HOY
Interpret | Che Sudaka
Best.-Nr. | FF 00xx
Vertrieb | Broken Silence
VÖ | January 2015