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Yza Ya | Electro Dancehall Dubstep | Caribbean, Marseille, Berlin

Somewhere between dub-step, electro dancehall, hip hop, reggae, rock, and drum&bass there is a place that is called home to these four young musicians from the Caribbean and Marseille who have brought their style of music to Berlin. An original and adventurous mix of traditional acoustic melodies drawn from a global culture and mixed with a pinch of electronic beats to create a new musical groove mosaic, it’s hard not to take to their global electro reggae.

Osyry and Fano came from the Caribbean to Marseille, got together with Jay and Mario 123 jammed and the seeds of Yza Ya were planted. They developed their style from all their different influences and finally moved 2010 to Berlin to became a musical wave about to break and crash over the music scene – A name to remember & definitely a must on the top of your need-to-listen-to list.

*** Open for bookings in Europe all year. ***

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Best.-Nr. | FF 0047
Vertrieb | Broken Silence
VÖ | May 2013