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Monsieur Periné | Suin a la Columbiana | Bogotá


*** MTV Artist of the week ***

*** CD of the week@Funkhaus Europa, BR2, MDR, HR, Musiktipp 3Sat-Kulturzeit ***

Monsieur Periné are among the highlights of Columbia‘s young and thriving music scene around the capital Bogota.
The young band behind the enchanting singer Catalina Garcia already have been enjoying many a success long before the release of their debut album. Their track „La Muerte“ has been voted „Song of the year 2011“ by a popular Bogota radio station. Ever since their first album „Hecho a Mano“ hit the shelves in Columbia in June 2012, the band has been on the fast track to success. They entered the single charts, were voted Artist of the Week by MTV and became shootingstars on both youtube and facebook. They have since created their very own style of music: Suin a la Comlombiana!
Rooted in Swing Manouche and celebrating Django Reinhard, this fresh style adds a variety of elements to the mix – Cumbia, Son, Bolero, Currulao, Tango and Samba, employing traditional South- American instruments like the Charango, Bandoneon and Latin percussion.
The airy yet virtuosic instrumental foundation, connecting Paris of the 1930s with young Bogota, are the perfect backdrop to showcase Catalina Garcia‘s sugar-sweet, sunshiny vocals at the very center of Suin a la Columbiana. In both spanish and french her vocals exude sensibility that will – despite its ease – touch audiences profoundly.
With the help of the illustrator Jose Arboleda and their own fashion designer, the band created a world of their own, that comes to live in their music, their artwork and of course their performances.
All that with Jazz Manouche as foundation, this rhythm „bound to make all people, small or tall, dance as though they were puppets on a string under a magic spell, the magic of Periné!“

We are ready for our big summer jam with Monsieur Perinè in 2015!

Monsieur Periné – Tour Europa 2015

07.07.2015 Tollwood Festival – München
10.07.2015 Nochtspeicher – Hamburg
16.07.2015 Hafen2 – Offenbach
17.07.2015 Zeltival – Karlsruhe
19.07.2015 GURTEN Festival – Bern (CH)
25.07.2015 Kornbrennerei – Bredenbeck
30.07.2015 Progy & Bess – Wien, (AT)
31.07.2015 Lembach (AT)
02.08.2015 Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld – Köln
07.08.2015 BiNuu – Berlin
08.08.2015 Folklorefest – Krefeld
09.08.2015 Zomerterras – Vlaardingen (NL)

Monsieur Periné – Tour Europa 2014

06.07.2014 Village Brazil, Baku | Aserbaidjan
11.07.2014 Lady’s Jazz Festival, Gdynia | Poland
16.07.2014 MASALA Festival, Hannover | Germany
17.07.2014 Altes Pfandhaus, Köln | Germany
19.07.2014 BIG UP – Funkhaus Europa, Schlachthof Bremen | Germany
20.07.2014 Fabrik, Hamburg | Germany
22.07.2014 Speicher, Husum | Germany
24.07.2014 Hafen 2, Frankfurt | Germany
25.07.2014 Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim | Germany
26.07.2014 Hallenbad, Wolfsburg | Germany
27.07.2014 St Georgen Swingt, Bayreuth | Germany
29.07.2014 Long Lake Festival, Lugano | Swiss
01.08.2014 Dranouter Festival, Dranouter | Belgium
03.08.2014 Bardentreffen Nürnberg | Germany
08.08.2014 Hiesige & Dosige, Wieselburg | Austria
09.08.2014 Weinturmopen Air, Bad Windsheim | Germany
10.08.2014 Ancient Trance Festival, Taucha | Germany
15.08.2014 Badehaus, Berlin | Germany
16.08.2014 Micro Festival, Dortmund | Germany

Titel | Hecho A Mano
Interpret | Monsieur Perinè
Best.-Nr. | FF 0042
Vertrieb | Broken Silence
VÖ | May 2013

Titel | Caja de Musica
Interpret | Monsieur Periné
Best.-Nr. | FF 00xx
Vertrieb | Broken Silence
VÖ | July 2015